We base IT solutions on our in-depth understanding of customers and the challenges they face. Within this context, we offer a multitude of technology-based services to our clients. Our team of experts can deliver cost-effective and practical solutions to enable clients to achieve "information and process integration" for intelligent and effective enterprise level performance.

Federal agencies are especially under pressure to deliver high quality services with a shrinking budget as citizens continue to demand more in return for their tax dollars. We can help federal agencies and departments optimize business processes via technology-based solutions to generate more value.

Adjoiner sets high performance standards and focuses on results which align with and support the missions of our clients.

Application Development
Program management
Project management
Web Enablement
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Adjoiner Corp.

Adjoiner brings in-depth experience and industry best practices in delivering IT solutions that transform your business.

Our application development service is “a one stop shop” for:

Custom Developed Software
COTS Package Selection & Implementation
Web Development
Legacy Application Migration (e.g., Mainframe to Oracle)
Application Integration & Maintenance

Or clients may choose our specific expertise in:

Business Analysis / Requirements Management
Architecture & Design
Data Conversion
Quality Assurance
Inquire -"Application Development"

Adjoiner Corp.

To achieve strategic objectives, government agencies implement multiple, related activities to transform the organization into becoming more results-oriented. These activities encompass establishing inter/intra-organizational collaboration, analyzing IT investments, etc. A methodical approach to managing and monitoring these activities is critical for reaching milestones and ultimately attaining the intended outcomes of the programs.

We have a proven program management model and a well-articulated performance management methodology that provides the oversight, communication, and leadership support necessary to ensure the consistent delivery of results. Simply put, with our technical, managerial, and engineering competence, we can address all aspects of the program management and IT life-cycle processes to help our clients achieve their performance objectives.

Adjoiner Corp.

Adjoiner provides project management services that lead to results.

Successful projects require a well planned and disciplined project management structure. Many studies have shown that most project failures are due to a lack of strong project management structure.

Our people are passionate about working on successful projects. They have the means to track and control the conditions for success.

We understand the importance of execution, namely, keeping the schedule, risks, staff, budget, and processes under control throughout the life of the project.

We offer our clients experienced project managers that bring not only strong project management skills, but also technical savvy and strong leadership to ensure that your most critical projects are implemented successfully.

Project Management by Adjoiner

Adjoiner Corp.

Web Enablement is all about sharing and extending your legacy applications with new users and applications.

For many organizations, simple web enablement of mainframe data and applications can provide a tremendous boost in service quality and productivity.

The goal of conversion for web enablement would be to maintain the business flow, business logic and functionalities while achieving improvements in performance, scalability, and user friendliness interface in the web enabled version.

Many organizations leverage web technologies since customers, employees, and suppliers demand a personalized online experience and real-time access to integrated back-office systems.

Our web-enabled services will help you meet this demand. We can work with your organization to determine the core business need and architect robust systems that can deliver practical and cost effective solutions to enable seamless stream of communications, content and services with intelligent and interactive objects.

Adjoiner Corp.

EAI (enterprise application integration) refers to the plans, methods, and tools designed to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate the various computer applications in an enterprise.

Most enterprises with existing legacy applications and databases continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that can leverage the Internet, e-commerce and other budding technologies. This means a staggering amount of valuable information lies in the enterprise’s disparate and disconnected platforms. In today’s fast-moving digital economy, the ability to make agile, intelligent decisions requires unfettered access to that information and its context, no matter where it lies amongst those disparate and disconnected platforms which make up the enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Our approach to EA enables one to access information regardless of where it lies, or what platform or applications it resides in. In addition, our approach to EA helps IT managers to isolate redundancies and pinpoint gaps in the IT infrastructure. When coupled with performance metrics, the enterprise architecture becomes a tool through which business and IT leaders can make the organization more efficient and responsive.

Adjoiner Corp.

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